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Day One Until Done

Service Price




Assets up to $750,000

Assets over $750,000

About your New Path Partner

Having a partner throughout  the entire divorce process that truly listens and understands as well as can assess your finances objectively pre, during, and post divorce is invaluable. I want you to be confident in your new path to independence.

Let us help you with everything from the initial homework, financial plan, settlement review, and post divorce execution.


  • Complimentary phone, zoom, or in person meeting to see if we are a good fit ​​​​

  • Data Gathering - Assets, liabilities, income & expenses, tax returns, budgets, etc.                     (The same information you will need for the divorce proceedings plus spouse's info)

  • Preliminary 8.05/financial affidavit preparation based on defendable historical, current & future needs

  • Initial Financial Plan Creation

    • Set new goals & priorities

    • Chance of Success for various scenarios

    • Action Steps

    • Access to online plan for 1 year

  • Settlement strategizing & scenario modeling

  • Settlement review and evaluation, including spousal ability to pay analysis

  • QDRO review

  • Divorce decree execution guidance

  • Updated plan based on what was actually received

  • Unlimited email access to Kristi for 1 year                                                                                                                                                                            * Note: Lifestyle expense analysis is a separate service