Divorce Financial Planning

Solutions for your Divorce

The financial intricacies of divorce can be intimidating for all parties involved. New Path Planning provides individuals, couples, mediators, and attorneys with financial expertise during divorce. We can help craft creative settlement solutions that make financial sense for both parties.


Get divorce financial planning expertise when you need it most. I can help you before divorce create a financial independence plan, during divorce create needed documents and evaluate settlement offers, and after divorce monitor the execution of the divorce decree and start the rebuilding process.

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What If?

If you were to move forward with a divorce, what might things look like financially?



Comforting Hands

Day One Until Done

Having a partner throughout the entire divorce process can be invaluable. 



Settlement Review & Modeling

There are rarely do overs with a divorce. Let us show you any financial red flags before you settle.



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Couple's Shadow

Divorce Avoidance

Don't give up yet! Let us help get you both on the same page with your finances.



financial documents with magnifying glas

Expense Analysis

One of the most essential tools during a divorce case can be a lifestyle analysis



Document with Pen

8.05/Financial Affidavit

Preparing for a divorce requires a lot of homework with very little instruction. 



The seedlings that grow on a pile of coi

Fresh Start Plan

With divorce in your rearview mirror, it’s time to focus on your
personal fresh start.



Additional Services

Divorce Decree Execution

Transitioning your assets post divorce can be confusing. We can assist in executing the orders of the divorce decree. There may be retirement plans to split, health insurance decisions to make, beneficiaries and titles to be changed, wills to be updated, etc. $125/hr. (3 hr. minimum)

Maintenance Buy-out Calculations

When maintenance is agreed to, but the a lump sum payment or combination of lump sum & maintenance would be preferred. $100 Flat Fee

Pension Valuation

Although the statement says $50,000, the benefit could be worth several times that. Make sure the pension is valued correctly and fairly. $250.00 Flat Fee

Spousal Ability to Pay

Will review tax returns for all income sources. Factor in reported expenses and calculate amount of discretionary income remaining. $250 Flat Fee

Hourly Rate - $125/hr (min. 2 hrs)

If you feel that you are only in need of minimal support, this might be the option for you. It may be that you just want a quick second opinion on a document, or just have some questions about how things work. We will be happy to discuss further with you.

Wealth Management Services

We offer wealth management services through our parent company Branning Wealth Management, LLC For more information please visit: www. branwealth.com