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Collaborative Divorce


Serving as a neutral financial professional, I can guide you through the division of assets, show what each party needs going forward and the best strategies to get both of you what you want. Once the decisions have been made, you can take the documents to your own family attorney to be finalized.  
Neutral financial professionals are usually the most highly trained, experienced and efficient professionals to help you accomplish most of the financial tasks for your divorce. This helps avoid the expense and back and forth with lawyers who have to be concerned with their own client.


  • Complimentary phone meeting to see if we are a good fit ​​​​

  • Data Gathering - Assets, liabilities, income & expenses, etc.

  • Analysis of each party's goals & priorities

  • Prepare plans to meet current and future expenses for children

  • Review of policies, beneficiaries, etc.

  • Presentation of findings and planning strategies

  • Action steps to most efficiently separate finances 

                                                                                                *Price may vary depending on complexity