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Some divorces will be rather straightforward while others may have to consider issues that will increase the complexity and time spent such as rental property, business ownership, pensions, and executive stock options. My rates are less than half of what most attorneys charge. All packages include a complimentary initial conversation where we will discuss what is involved in your situation in more detail and the best way I can help.

Divorce Avoidance 


Divorce should always be the last resort. Sometimes we can get consumed with the grass is always greener mentality, but if your main stressor is finances, I'll work with both of you on a financial plan that helps get everybody on the same page with the same goals and expectations for your resources.

Distanced Couple

 Price Range $1500-3500


What If?

It may be that you are not sure what it will look like if you were to take the next step. What would your life look like financially if a divorce happened? Before making a call to an attorney, I can help illustrate and evaluate different scenarios for you based on various assumptions.

divorced couple decide how to share a ho

 Price Range $1500-3500

Initial Document Preparation

There is a tremendous amount of tedious homework involved with the initial stages of a divorce. Let me take on that burden for you.

Business woman using calculator and lapt

 Price Range $350-600

Day One

to Done

I can help you before divorce create a financial independence plan, during divorce create needed documents and evaluate settlement offers, and after divorce monitor the execution of the divorce decree and start the rebuilding process.

Divorce by law. Division of property aft

 Price Range $2,000-4,500

Collaborative Divorce

If you believe that a settlement can be reached without litigation and you are both concerned with fairness and keeping as much of your own money as possible, this may be the option for you. 

Hands of wife, husband signing decree of

 Price Range $2,000-4,500

Post Divorce Planning

After the divorce decree is finalized, there is still the matter of carrying out the orders of the divorce decree. Retirement plans to be split, beneficiaries and titles to be changed, not to mention what to do with the assets you were awarded.

green papers




If you feel that you are only in need of minimal support, this might be the option for you. 


$150/hr (min. 3 hrs)


Starting List of Items to Gather


What is most important to you?


Keep track of the items in your home. 


Organize your financial assets.

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