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Expense Analysis

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TBD: depends on number of accounts and time period

About Our Service

One of the most valuable tools during a divorce case can be a lifestyle analysis. It shows what was actually spent by each party, and helps provide a framework for how much will be needed going forward. It can also signal if something is off in the reported assets or income. Our analysis reports can include:


  • Allocation of historical & projected expenses between client, children & spouse based on client discussions, defendable reasoning, and patterns

  • Establish the marital standard of living & spending habits

  • Expenses presented in an easily understood format. A report that will show a high level snapshot, expenses by vendor & then the underlying transactions to support category expense totals

  • We can compare and assess how and why our analysis differs than what was reported on the spouse's 8.05 submission.

  • Help uncover irregularities, financial gaps & reduce surprises

  • Can be used to create cash flow projections for settlement negotiations

  • Includes a current assessment summarizing observations from analysis


  • Complimentary phone, zoom, or in person meeting to see if we are a good fit ​​​​

  • Data Gathering - Statements from all transactional accounts - credit cards, bank, savings, investment, etc. for the period needed, tax returns, etc.

  • Review of all information to see if everything lines up

  • Findings reported in easily understood format                                                                                                                                                             

Investment advisory services are offered through Asset Dedication, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisory firm. Kristi Tidwell is an investment advisor representative of Asset Dedication, LLC. Branning Wealth Management, LLC and Asset Dedication, LLC are not affiliated companies. Please read our Disclosures for full details.

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