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Expense Analysis

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TBD: depends on number of accounts and time period

About Our Service

One of the most valuable tools during a divorce case can be a lifestyle analysis. It shows what was actually spent by each party, and helps provide a framework for how much will be needed going forward. It can also signal if something is off in the reported assets or income. Our analysis reports can include:


  • Allocation of historical & projected expenses between client, children & spouse based on client discussions, defendable reasoning, and patterns

  • Establish the marital standard of living & spending habits

  • Expenses presented in an easily understood format. A report that will show a high level snapshot, expenses by vendor & then the underlying transactions to support category expense totals

  • We can compare and assess how and why our analysis differs than what was reported on the spouse's 8.05 submission.

  • Help uncover irregularities, financial gaps & reduce surprises

  • Can be used to create cash flow projections for settlement negotiations

  • Includes a current assessment summarizing observations from analysis


  • Complimentary phone, zoom, or in person meeting to see if we are a good fit ​​​​

  • Data Gathering - Statements from all transactional accounts - credit cards, bank, savings, investment, etc. for the period needed, tax returns, etc.

  • Review of all information to see if everything lines up

  • Findings reported in easily understood format