• ktidwell

Time to Outsource

Oh heavens, it’s scary. You’re alone for the first time in years. Even though you may not be used to having consistent help, you are at least used to having someone act like they were on some level listening to your daily frustrations. Your married friends are all scared of you. They don’t know what to do or say. You are a constant reminder that if it can happen to you it can happen to them.

Just Too Much

This may not have even been your decision yet there is a level of inexplicable guilt and feeling of failure. Concern that your children won’t understand and will blame you. How will this affect them? Your spouse’s family, that was once an integral part of your life, now are enemy numero uno. You know people are talking, there are stories true and untrue. People love drama as long as it’s not their own. You may be religious, are you going straight to hell?

All of this real life is going on and you still must decide if you want to keep a house you may not be able to afford by yourself, but you hate to uproot your kids. Which spouse should get the newest curved smart 3D 4K TV you just bought?? Oh and by the way, how much have you spent the last several years in each area of your life, what will you need going forward, and how will you get there???

You Need Help

It’s so overwhelming, in one swoop you’ve lost your spouse, your friend group has changed, you have lost family members, your children are confused and now there are the finances to contend with. It’s a lot for anyone. I understand, I have been there. You need help…

Outsourcing is a tried and true method for reducing the stress of any overloaded system. Ask family to help with the kids, find a therapist that is a good fit for you, a divorce support group at church, say yes to offers of help from friends. Let a CDFA® help ease your mind, by organizing and completing your financial documents, evaluating potential settlements and developing a plan for your financial future.

It all may seem like it will never end, but this too will pass.