We are a boutique wealth management firm that specializes in divorce planning. 

From retirement to divorce, there are rarely do overs in life's major transitions. We use our planning expertise coupled with personal experience to help clients contemplating or in the middle of divorce explore their financial options and feel confident in their decisions. We also provide planning support to attorneys representing divorcing individuals.

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Kristi Tidwell, CFP®, CDFA®

"Our goal is to allow you to focus on yourself, your family and your future, while we provide the tools and expertise needed to help make wise financial decisions."

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During Your Consultation We'll:
  • Discuss your main priorities as well as your main financial concerns. We also want to use this time to get to know more about you and your family.

  • Get an overview of your level of involvement in the finances and what type of assets are in question.

  • Discuss your goals for moving forward and make sure your situation lines up with our expertise.

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