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Divorce is a very emotional time, to many it even feels like a death. Mourning for the future and life you had once pictured. Unfortunately, at this same time you are also having to navigate what for most people will be the largest financial transaction of their life. 

Some divorces will be rather straightforward while others may have to consider issues that will increase the complexity and time spent such as rental property, business ownership, pensions, and executive stock options. All packages include a complimentary initial conversation where we will discuss what is involved in your situation in more detail and the best way I can help.

Mistakes during divorce can be costly. Misunderstandings of tax consequences, retirement plan nuances, and asset valuations can amount to tens of thousands of lost dollars. It's always hard when you don't know what you don't know. 

Which Option is Best for You? *

What if?

It may be that you are not sure what life will look like if you were forced to choose divorce. We can model different scenarios and help identify potential issues so their will be fewer surprises along the way. We can also work to get your ducks in a row on the front end so that you can make an educated, confident decision about moving forward.

Day One 'til Done

Having a partner throughout the entire divorce process that truly listens and understands as well as can assess your finances objectively pre, during, and post divorce is invaluable. I want you to be confident in your new path to independence. I can help you before divorce create a financial independence plan, during divorce create needed documents and evaluate settlement offers, and after divorce monitor the execution of the divorce decree and start the rebuilding process.

Divorce Avoidance Package

Divorce should always be the last resort. Sometimes we can get consumed with the grass is always greener mentality. If your main stressor is finances, I'll work with both of you as a neutral third party to create a financial plan that helps get everybody on the same page with the same goals and expectations for your resources.

Settlement Facilitation

If you believe that a settlement can be reached without litigation and you are both concerned with fairness and keeping as much of your own money as possible, this may be the option for you. Serving as a neutral financial professional, I can guide you through the division of assets, show what each party needs going forward and the best strategies to get both of you what you want. Once the decisions have been made, you can take the documents to your own family attorney to be finalized. Neutral financial professionals are usually the most highly trained, experienced and efficient professionals to help you accomplish most of the financial tasks for your divorce. This helps avoid the expense and back and forth with lawyers who have to be concerned with their own client.

Post Divorce Planning

Welcome to your fresh start! We are here to help you rebuild your financial future by creating a financial plan focused on your new goals and priorities. We will factor in what you actually received and how long it needs to last you. We can also assist in executing the orders of the divorce decree. There may be retirement plans to split, health insurance decisions to make, beneficiaries and titles to be changed, wills to be updated, etc.

Hourly Rate - $125/hr (min. 3 hrs)

If you feel that you are only in need of minimal support, this might be the option for you. It may be that you just want a quick second opinion on a document, or just have some questions about how things work. We will be happy to discuss further with you.

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