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Divorce is a very emotional time, to many it even feels like a death. Mourning for the future and life you had once pictured. Unfortunately, at this same time you are also having to navigate what for most people will be the largest financial transaction of their life. 

Some divorces will be rather straightforward while others may have to consider issues that will increase the complexity and time spent such as rental property, business ownership, pensions, and executive stock options. All packages include a complimentary initial conversation where we will discuss what is involved in your situation in more detail and the best way I can help.

Mistakes during divorce can be costly. Misunderstandings of tax consequences, retirement plan nuances, and asset valuations can amount to tens of thousands of lost dollars. It's always hard when you don't know what you don't know. 

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Our process begins with an initial consultation call to find out a little more about your situation and outline how we can help.