Divorce Financial Planning

Solutions for your Divorce

Divorce is the largest financial transaction of most people’s lives. Let us help take the emotions out of the process, by showing you in black and white how what you decide today will impact your financial future. 


 No matter what stage of the divorce journey you are in, New Path Planning has a solution for you. 

We understand that if you haven't already, you will be paying an attorney a considerable retainer fee.

We do not want to add to your financial stress and therefore charge a minimal "commitment fee" upfront. This will range from $250 to $1,250 depending on complexity and scope of your needs.

As work is performed, an hourly rate of $125 will be applied to that fee. Once the fee is depleted, you will be billed an hourly rate on a monthly basis. 

Many times it may be a few months in before you even have the financials available for me to assess. This allows you to postpone further potential payments until the work is actually done. 

To help eliminate surprises, you will receive a monthly statement with the breakdown of where you stand fee wise.

How We Charge