Divorce Financial Planning

Solutions for your Divorce

Divorce is the largest financial transaction of most people’s lives. Let us help take the emotions out of the process, by showing you in black and white how what you decide today will impact your financial future. 


 No matter what stage of the divorce journey you are in, New Path Planning has a solution for you. 


Pension Valuation

Although the statement says $50,000, the benefit could be worth several times that. Make sure the pension is valued correctly and fairly.

Spousal Ability to Pay

An important piece of the puzzle for both sides is how much support can one spouse afford? We will review tax returns for all income sources, factor in reported expenses, and calculate the amount of discretionary income remaining to make support payments.

Other Research Projects

Everyone's situation is unique, and financial questions that are hard to answer pop up from time to time. It may be that you want a quick second opinion on a document, or just have some questions about how things work. We want to help any way we can.

Wealth Management Services

We offer wealth management services through Branning Wealth Management, LLC. For more information please visit: www.branwealth.com

What If?

If you were to move forward with a divorce, what might things look like financially? Let's identify potential issues and get your ducks in a row on the front end so that you can make an informed decision about moving forward.

8.05/Financial Affidavit Preparation & Assistance

Preparing for a divorce requires a lot of homework with very little instruction. The form 8.05 or financial affidavit is the most significant document in most divorces. It is critical that it is accurately completed and each section is well thought though. Your future depends on it! Let us be your guide you through the process.

Lifestyle or Expense Analysis

One of the most valuable tools during a divorce case can be a lifestyle analysis. 1) It helps establish the marital standard of living by showing what was actually spent by each party. This can be beneficial to both sides. 2) It can also uncover irregularities, financial gaps & reduce surprises. 3) Serves as the basis for creating cash flow projections used in settlement negotiations.

Settlement Review & Modeling

There are rarely do overs with a divorce. Let us show you any financial red flags before you settle. Misunderstandings of tax consequences, retirement plan nuances, and asset valuations can amount to tens of thousands of lost dollars. It's always hard when you don't know what you don't know. ​ Some assets grow fast, some may decline in value quickly, some are taxed at higher rates. There is an exhaustive list of factors that need to be considered before settlement. You don't want to be blindsided by loss of value, tax implications, and even legal liability for decisions you make in "the fog of war". We help determine the short-term and long-term financial impact of a proposed divorce settlement to make sure it works for your goals now as well as down the road.

Fresh Start Plan & Decree Execution

With divorce in your rearview mirror, it’s time to focus on your
personal fresh start.
Dealing with the aftermath of divorce on yourself, your children, and the people you love can make financial decisions fall to the bottom of the pile. After a transformation as complex as divorce, it’s challenging to know exactly what you need to do to protect yourself and move forward. The sooner you get a clear snapshot of your current circumstances and clarity around your next steps, the sooner you can start building your ideal life.
It may be hard to think long-term right now, but take a moment to imagine how it will feel to greet your future with clarity, excitement, inspiration, and hope. We are here to help you rebuild your financial future by creating a financial plan focused on coordinating your new goals and priorities with what you actually received and how long it needs to last you. We will also assist in executing the orders of the divorce decree. There may be retirement plans to split, health insurance decisions to make, beneficiaries and titles to be changed, wills to be updated, etc.

Collaborative Divorce Participation

Serving as a neutral financial professional, I can guide you through the division of assets, show what each party needs going forward and the give guidance with strategies to get both of you what you want.

Neutral financial professionals are usually the most highly trained, experienced and efficient professionals to help you accomplish most of the financial tasks for your divorce. This helps avoid the expense and back and forth with lawyers who have to be concerned with their own client.

How We Charge

We understand that if you haven't already, you will be paying an attorney a considerable retainer fee.

We do not want to add to your financial stress and therefore charge a minimal "commitment fee" upfront. This will range from $250 to $1,250 depending on complexity and scope of your needs.

As work is performed, an hourly rate of $125 will be applied to that fee. Once the fee is depleted, you will be billed an hourly rate on a monthly basis. 

Many times it may be a few months in before you even have the financials available for me to assess. This allows you to postpone further potential payments until the work is actually done. 

To help eliminate surprises, you will receive a monthly statement with the breakdown of where you stand fee wise.