Attorney & Mediator Services

As you know, clients come to you emotional, irrational, and often unfamiliar on the entire divorce process. I've been there myself and can empathize and offer a level of guidance you most likely don't have time for. Let me help you from the start. I can expand on the client experience you are already providing as well as help reduce your liability associated with giving financial advice.


Once a client comes to you considering a divorce, I can help:

  • Set expectations gently 

  • Research the finances and help think through how the family's financial needs might change going forward

  • Model in black and white how these changes could affect the future so they can make an informed decision

  • Prepare a comprehensive lifestyle analysis of what was actually spent from all accounts during the marriage

  • Review the numbers provided from the other party to see if there are any discrepancies with my findings

  • Organize their financial information so that it will be accurate and prepared if they decide to take the next step

   During Divorce


As clients are presented with settlement offers or are creating their own, I can help:

  • Project over a period of years how the finances will be impacted if they choose to accept a certain offer

  • Identify potential financial pitfalls such as tax liability and recapture issues

  • Do any needed valuation of pensions or lump sum settlements

  • Collaborate with you to find creative solutions

  • Use the lifestyle analysis to strengthen your case and improve negotiations

   Post Divorce

Once the smoke clears, I can help rebuild their financial future by:

  • Assisting with the execution of the divorce decree 

  • Coordinating the implementation of their final settlement with their updated financial plan

  • Monitoring and holding people accountable for sticking to their plan, especially in the area of spending


To achieve the optimal working relationship, we are flexible in how we interact with clients and their attorneys. New Path Planning can work with you as a visible part of your team. Or if you prefer, we can work behind the scenes, discreetly providing you with our full range of services for your clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with creative financial solutions and allow you to fully focus on the legal aspects of divorce.


I know from experience that many attorneys are reluctant to introduce outside professionals into the divorce because of perceived cost, duplication of services, or the belief that only divorces with significant assets justify the use of financial experts. I understand your hesitation, but truly believe ​CDFA™'s have proven to be a valuable addition to attorney teams. For more insight on how we can benefit you check out the links below: